I love adventure, challenging my perceptions, and using my skills in design to create meaningful experiences.


Ella Harnish

Currently, I am in my fourth honours year of Visual Communication Design at Massey University in Wellington. I am enthusiastic about creating meaningful and enjoyable experiences through engaging communication design. Particularly, I have a strong focus in human-centred design, experience, graphic, and service design.

I believe that effective design can create positive change within our society. I enjoy projects that enhance experiences, create positive change through empathy, and design for social good and the environment.

I am a conscientious and approachable person, bringing compassion and empathy to design projects as I value the experience of the end user. I thrive in a team environment and enjoy helping others whilst working for a good cause. I value building professional relationships and believe that collaboration and innovation are essential parts of the design process.

I am always eager to learn through challenging experiences that broaden my skill set and am not afraid to fail in order to learn. Design empowers me as I can create solutions to real world problems whilst being creative and innovative.